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Diving Pip by momo-hoskin Diving Pip :iconmomo-hoskin:momo-hoskin 8 2 [Trade-Secrets] Lin by NetherRiel [Trade-Secrets] Lin :iconnetherriel:NetherRiel 32 0 Pharah casual.nsfw optional. by sakimichan Pharah casual.nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,572 129 Beach day widowmaker by sakimichan Beach day widowmaker :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,025 134 Fish n Chips - Just Bros being Bros by FloatingMegane-san Fish n Chips - Just Bros being Bros :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 688 17
Tales With a Twist Ace x Reader
(Snow White & The Seven Whitebeards)
A/N: Devil fruits and Haki exist in this story and the Whitebeards are humans not dwarves
Also the bisento is the spear weapon that Whitebeard uses.

There was once a kingdom that lived prosperously with King Roger and Queen Rouge as their benevolent rulers. The two royals were loved by all for they treated their people fairly no matter their background. They kingdom was even more overjoyed when the king and queen had a son named Ace. The young prince was well loved by his parents and he was quick to give it back.
However, when the prince was young the king died of a plague that was going around the kingdom. While Rouge was depressed in her grief Ace was the only thing that gave her comfort and allowed her to continue her duties as a queen and a mother. In order to allow Ace to continue growing up with a father and for the kingdom to still have a king Rou
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 20 7
Random Fact~ X Drake x Reader *Oneshot*

*Commission for :iconmushroomgrenade: Hope its what you were looking for!*
        You were tired of it, people mistaking you for a young teenager when you were in fact in your twenties. You march into the cafe ill tempered after a cop had stopped you to tell you you should be in school. Even after you showed him your id he didn't apologize.  
          “What can I get you miss?” The Barista inquires. You blink and look up at him, acknowledging the x scar on his chin with your gaze before meeting his blue gaze.
           “Five medium black coffees.” That'll surely help you seem more mature for the moment. His brow quirks slightly and he offers a nod.
           “Alright, your name?” He inquires. You give him you
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 32 10
Mature content
Watching. Sanji x reader. :iconleeusopp:LeeUsopp 23 25
One Piece Sanji x Reader: Toaster
*Modern AU thingamajig
 "Hey, um, Sanji? Could you make me some toast?" you asked your blonde roommate.
 "Sorry _____-chan! My hands are full, so you're going to have to do it!" Sanji responded. You pouted and turned to get the toaster out of the cabinet, then turned to get the bread out of the pantry. You put the toaster on the counter, plugged it in, and gazed at Sanji expectantly.
"What? Do you not know how to put toast in the toaster _____-chan?" Sanji questioned.
 You blushed and shook your head. "No Sanji-kun! I just can't toast the toast in the toaster."  (That was one heck of a tongue-twister TOAST)
 "What do you mean you can't toast it?" Sanji asked, tilting his head in confusion.
 "I'm scared of toasters," you sighed.
 "How do you expect to get far in life if you're afraid of toasters?" Sanji asked, shocked. You shrugged, and heard Sanji chuckle slightly.
 "What are you laughing at?" you pouted.
 "The fac
:iconmentally-screaming:Mentally-Screaming 26 2
*A Delicious Spell* (Sanji x Reader)

*Dedicated to everyone who loves Sanji :D*
“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not …” you whispered as you ripped off the petals of a flower you had found on the deck.
The day was wonderful enough to make anyone feel happy however here you were, feeling a bit sad wondering if a certain cook felt the same way about you…
You had been a member of the Straw hat’s crew for a long time by now … the enough to develop a crush for the blond womanizer. At the beginning you thought you liked to spent time with him only because of his personality: his kindness, the way he managed to make you feel like a queen, his amazing chivalry, not to mention the delicious food he liked to prepare for Robin, Nami and you.
(He´s my crewmate … like a family member)” your tried to engrave these words in your head every time you were with him but it was completely futile … each day that
:iconnaruxace:NaruXAce 49 23
Flirt {Sanji x Reader}
"Hey Luffy! What do you want to eat, so I can tell Sanji?!" You called out to your captain. You had been trying to look for him for some time, but you couldn't find him. Though, you knew that at the mention of food, he would come. Not even a few seconds when you called out for the captain, did you hear him rushing up to you.
Once he reached you, he looked at you with hopeful eyes and a big smile.
"(Y/n), I want meat! Give me meat! Meat, meat, meat!" Like a bloodthirsty hound, Luffy kept on shifting his head from side-to-side, looking around for his precious meat. You couldn't help, but chuckle at his antics.
"Luffy, Luffy," you said, trying to calm him down, "I'll have Sanji prepare some for you, okay?" 
Luffy was about to jump up in excitement, but you grabbed a hold of his shoulder," BUT, you have to calm down. Think you can do that?" Your captain quickly nodded his head, which made you chuckled.
"Okay, I'll go tell Sanji right now," So, you left to the kitchen, quickly seeing S
:iconkawaii--kiddo:Kawaii--Kiddo 28 2
Mature content
I want you (Sanji x Fem Reader) - part 3 :iconmeemaidinspiration:meemaidinspiration 3 4
The Prince by CodeNameZimbabwe The Prince :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 16 8 Hair by CodeNameZimbabwe Hair :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 29 9 ZoSan Fanfic Dump by CodeNameZimbabwe ZoSan Fanfic Dump :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 16 6 ZoSan Dump by CodeNameZimbabwe ZoSan Dump :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 15 3


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